‘Gloriator’ is one of the most delightfully silly shows I’ve ever seen! If you missed it, see it soon

Jesus. Gloriator is ace! Sooooooo funny!

N_Banyard published Glorious Gloriator: Gloriator is an inventive, physical and wonderfully silly sho…

I DEMAND you go see Gloriator at Loxhore next week – absolutely brilliant, hilarious, wonderful show from THANK YOU

thanks for the awesomely funny Glorilla. Hilarious!

Glorilla – PULSE FESTIVAL (New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich) – The public reviews – Glen Pearce – June 2015

Gladiator done with cardboard props and just two actors. Hilarious. No, really – I laughed until I cried. Go and see it!

Just saw the brilliantly bonkers ‘Gloriator‘ in Clevedon with – a great night. Can’t wait to see the next theatre shop show!

Fantastic evening

Full house at Toorak hotel for the brilliant Juicy Theatre and Gloriator.

Last night in Gloucester saw @ the amazing w/ of & fame

Glorilla is brilliant. Hilarious show in Gloucester, thank you!

“Once again Morel and Donkin demonstrate their spectacular comedy chops and dramaturgical sophistication in an hour of non-stop hilarity.” Exeunt Magazine – Belinda Dillon – February 14th 2015

“Gloriator a great show by an hysterical female double act, who are clowns in the best possible meaning of the world.  Catch them now before they’re filling out the Albert Hall” Woman’s Weekly – Mel Giedroyc – November 2014

You can listen to interview clips and review of Gloriator here Culture & Review on Phonic FM – Ignite Special – 8/6/14 segment begins 8 mins 45 secs in

“Morel and Donkin give tremendously skilled performances that combine precise physical control and dexterity with subtle characterisation, revealing all the delicate shifts in balance that perpetuate Gloria and Josephine’s love-hate relationship. A comedy duo of immense talent. ”   Exeunt Magazine – Belinda Dillon – June 17th 2014  (wildfire edition three_June 2014)

“Wildly inventive and hilarious” Bridport News

“Belly-achingly funny” Gloucester Citizen

“When was the last time you laughed non-stop for a full hour? I don’t mean giggle, or have an occasional titter but a full-on, uncontrollable belly laugh? That is what I enjoyed while watching Gloriator…. I hooted. I snorted. I exploded with such mirth that the tears streamed down my face.”  Rachael Lythgoe, Stroud News & Journal (Click here to read the full review)

Philip Booth @GlosUK 13th Sept 2014
Just back from @Stroudtheatre Festival & @susiedonkin ‘s wonderful Gloriator: had audience in tears of laughter.

“We saw you at Shambala – seriously one of the best, original and funniest things I’ve seen. My sides still hurt. Thank you so much! It was a total highlight.” Joesomuch (Facebook)

“Serendipitously stumbled across ‘ GLORIATOR’ at Glastonbury Festival 2014 and loved the show. Very original and funny. Bravo!” Richard Matz (Facebook)

“I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your show Gloriator at The Olympus Theatre. It was so refreshing to see such daring and playful theatre. It’s a long time since I’ve seen anything as strong as your wonderful show.” Mark (JOLT Festival July 2014)

Most hilarious show I’ve seen in a while. GLORIATOR @BikeShedTheatre.

You HAVE to see Gloriator @BikeShedTheatre on Saturday at 4.40. Brilliant brilliant work. So stupid and absolutely hilarious. Superb.

Whoever thinks women aren’t funny should see #Gloriator by Spitz & Co on tour. That was great @ExeterIgnite @BikeShedTheatre

@ExeterIgnite loved “Gloriator” had @BikeShedTheatre audience including me in stitches, thank you

Gloriator may be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen @ExeterIgnite

Just back from #Gloriator @BikeShedTheatre hilarious, I’ve never laughed so much at cardboard cut outs & broken rain sticks @Belinda_Dillon

“I honestly have never seen a piece of theatre that has made me laugh
more than Gloriator did. It was so well acted and directed… I just
dont have the superlatives to describe how good it was!” Rosie Woodham

Esther Lawrence ‏@estherlawrencee  Mar 28 (2014)
#Gloriator was another great watch of the evening. Never laughed so hard over broken rainsticks and cardboard clouds! @BristolOldVic

Miriam Battye ‏@hellomiriam  Mar 28 (2014)
Went to #Gloriator @BristolOldVic a whim. Just the best thing ever.

Carrie Rhys-Davies ‏@CarrieRhysD  Mar 27 (2014)
#gloriator @BristolOldVic is such a treat. So happy to see #spitzandco nailing it w/ such confidence #areyouentertainedyesweareentertained

Lina B. Frank ‏@LinaBFrank  Mar 26 (2014)
Laughed until I cried, then I laughed some more. – standing ovation last night for #Gloriator @BristolOldVic – tonight and tomorrow go!

J Gibbs ‏@JL_Gibbs  Mar 20 (2014)
Spitz & Co’s #Gloriator was hilariously brilliant tonight. Amazing way to launch @strike_a_light.

Another @BristolFerment day done. My favourite bit was Gloriator; Tommy Cooper meets The Gladiator. T’was ace

Beth Shouler @BethShouler Jul 24 (2013)
@BristolFerment totally had a blast watching #Gloriator after watching lots intense theatre recently this was a refreshing hilarious treat

Florence Fitzgerald @FloFitzgerald Apr 15 (2013)
Prototype @Tobacco_Factory gave us a sneak peek of ‘Gloriator’ by Susie Donkin and Pauline Morel – Absurd, hilarious and BLOODY BRILLIANT!